Network Security
At PTS Corp, we place an extremely high priority on protecting your sensitive data and mitigating downtime in the unlikely event of a breach.

To that end, PTS Corp recently took a deep dive with a team of cyber-security experts, reviewing every square inch of our network infrastructure. We tore our network down and systematically rebuilt it stronger, adding extra robust layers of defense and speeding up disaster recovery time. We can sum it all up with a few acronyms: MTR, MFA, & CYA.

MTR: Managed Threat Response

PTS has contracted with a top provider of Managed Threat Response to watch our network and endpoints 24/7 with a combination of software and human oversight constantly looking for policy violations, unusual patterns and activity, and active threats. When a threat is found or suspected, the MTR team can take appropriate actions independently, including isolation of potentially compromised systems.

MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication

As part of our rebuild, PTS has upgraded our firewall, closed off all non-VPN methods of network access, and implemented multi-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized parties are allowed remote access.

CYA: Cover Your Assets

PTS has implemented three additional tools to avoid trouble, and to ensure streamlined disaster recovery when the worst happens: A company-administered password management program for our employees, virtual servers, and an amazing digital backup system. In the event of a system meltdown, we can have all servers restored in virtual form on the device itself in minutes, compared to the hours or even days required to collect tape backups, acquire or provision replacement server hardware, reinstall operating systems, and then restore data from tape.