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PTS Supply Chain Solutions is here to help!  We offer many flexible and dynamic solutions for the modern customer’s supply chain challenges.  Our Value-Added Services help to provide solutions to problems both forecasted and difficult to predict. 

Many times, VAS (value-added services) could be delivering to a strategic plan or be meant to satisfy last minute requirements discovered even after the most mature and best laid out plans.  This means that last minute changes, shortened distribution windows or increased focus on custom and complex delivery needs can be satisfied without causing disruption to your supply chain.

With PTS as a partner, you have access to fine-tune at the last minute to cover nearly any type of requirement.  Need a 3d label for the master pack boxes already in stock to meet a new customer requirement, how about changing out the keys and flashing keyboards US to Mexican or Canadian finished goods, for these any anywhere in between, we are positioned to make your challenge into a successful reality.

Examples of the nearly limitless options provided through PTS Corp Value-Added Services

Kitting and Light Assembly

  • Assembly of Finished Goods and Flexible Postponement
  • Forecast Planning and BOM Management
  • JIT kitting for optimizing FG sales vs component availability
  • Promotion Coupons / Catalog / Literature Merging

Bundling Services

  • Field Service Repair Kits
  • Bulk quantity sales offerings
  • “Country Kits” and FG Assembly Bundles

Conversion / Customizing

  • Labeling for product, location, and sku’s
  • Packaging or re-branding products
  • Software flashing and firmware updates
  • Regional Postponement Servicing
  • Custom RTF and literature

Cross Docking

  • Bulk buy splitting and turn around activity
  • Conversion and QC validation

    PTS Corp experience and expertise serve as a virtual extension of your team’s abilities.  Our DNA is laser focused on efficient and effective Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing practices that represent themselves as part of your company’s core competencies.  Want to learn more about the PTS Brand of Value-Added Services, contact us now to find out more!