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The PTS Corporation is a Supply Chain Solution Company that provides a variety of services for our clients with a focus on the aftermarket.  The PTS Brand of Companies complement each other’s service offerings allowing us to support our customers in unique ways.  Our solutions address the modern challenges that come with aftermarket product support required by the modern consumer. 

PTS Electronics offers Reverse logistics support and with years consumer electronics support at the core of our company DNA.  We provide a variety of Aftermarket Services include advanced exchange, triage, refurbishment, and recycling to name a few.  Our experience is wide ranged, and we’ve supported a variety of commodities including GPS Devices, Cell Phones, Televisions, Printers, Laptops, and others.


The addition of Andrew’s Electronics to the PTS Brand of Companies adds years of Spare Parts Distribution experience and new customer relationships.  The product line card is robust and includes industry leading OEM’s such as Samsung, LG, and Sharp.  Distribution services include a variety of PTS owned and consigned models which include new OEM, quality aftermarket, and refurbished products that solution needs for both the savvy shopper or complex integration trading partner.


As the market landscape and demand for online purchasing continues to change around us, the demand for more thorough catalog build outs, online researching tools, and availability become more important.  The team at Cumberland Consumer Electronics meets these demands and offers modern and insightful ways to increase market presence through eCommerce.  Whether finding alternative ways to market stranded inventory or introducing your virtual inventory and product lines to new customers, our eCommerce technology could be a good fit for helping you manage the complexity of engaging the online sales market.


We enthusiastically provide our services for everyone, including OEMs, Independent Service Dealers, National Retail Chains, General Line Distributions, third party maintenance companies, major corporations in the high-tech sector, as well as the general consumer.