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 PTS Electronics Corporation is a Bloomington, Indiana based company specializing in the technology driven aftermarket service and supply chain segment known as reverse logistics. “PTS” serves its customers nationwide in areas such as parts procurement and distribution, repair and refurbishment, de-manufacturing and reclamation, returns management, value recovery, material resource planning, recycling, and other services.  PTS has extensive experience in the appliance, consumer electronics, cable TV electronics, cell phone, and associated industries.

 PTS was founded in the late 1960’s as a service partner to RCA, which at the time was the largest TV manufacturing facility in the world and located in Bloomington Indiana. PTS was acquired in 1984 by Jeff Hamilton and Jack Craig, former PTS executives, and began a period of steady growth in the consumer electronics and related industries. PTS grew to become a national leader of aftermarket services and in 2008 was acquired by ModusLink Global Services, only to be sold back to the former PTS executives in 2017.



In early 2018, PTS began pursuing revitalized capabilities to provide reverse logistics services in the secondary cell phone market, which in the past fueled much of PTS’ growth.  In mid-2018 PTS signed contracts with two new wireless clients.  Through these new contracts PTS services major cell phone providers and product brands.  PTS has expertise in triage, data clearing, repairing, functional diagnostics and testing, reclamation, and recycling for more than 50 modern smart phone models including iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel variations.

PTS, with close coordination of our key customers, is expanding capabilities for providing reverse logistics services to the secondary cell-phone market, and as of Jan 2020 has the capacity for processing upwards of 15,000 mobiles devices and 5,000 laptops per week, with scalable systems designed to expand 2-3x quarter over quarter across wireless and computing business segments as required based on demand.  Our scalable systems include SmartTracker; a PTS-developed proprietary repair management program designed to track, manage, route units, and report on cell phone repair at the serial number level in real time.

In addition to wireless and computing opportunities, PTS has renegotiated and extended the North American fulfillment contract from Best Buy to support all Exclusive Brand spare parts repair and fulfillment.  A contract win originating from Andrews Electronics, a recently divested distribution arm of PTSCORP, this agreement includes all Best Buy’s Insignia and Dynex branded spare parts fulfillment for Canada and the U.S. This agreement also increases PTS’ ranking for fulfillment of rebuilt boards for these same brands which increased production of PCB (printed circuit board) repair by nearly 3x in volume versus this time last year for the same product mix.. 

Leveraging the infrastructure and R&D team expertise, the PCB repair team has also been servicing a variety of electronics repair needs for an OEM that manufactures control boards for Hospital Beds and Electronic Smart Desks.  PTS has also recently signed an exclusive US repair deal with an additional OEM repairing their new LED – Display Wall technology.  Our ability to add this technology offerings to our portfolio is another great example of PTS’ ability to R&D solutions for global companies that need regional support for technical repair services.

We enthusiastically provide our services for everyone, including OEMs, Independent Service Dealers, National Retail Chains, General Line Distributions, third party maintenance companies, major corporations in the high-tech sector, as well as the general consumer.

PTS FACILITY – Bloomington, Indiana

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