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The Many R’s of Reverse Logistics

• Returns

• Recovery

• Repair

• Refurbishment

• Reclamation

• Recycling

• Re-commerce

• Reuse

Extensive Module / PCB Repair and Wireless Handset Experience

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, and R2 Certified


PTS Electronics is an experienced Reverse Logistics Provider that widely contributes to the Circular Economy. We help our customers restore and reuse products instead of buying new.

Over the 50+ years in the electronics repair segment we have serviced consumer electronics against a wide breadth of product from GPS devices to Controller Board and Cell Phones to DSL Routers.

Focusing on the consumer electronics and appliances industry, PTS Electronics helps a multitude of customers including national service organizations, third party administrators, independent servicers, OEMs, trade in program owners, and repair dealers.


Services that support Cell Phones and Tablets is in our DNA.  We’ve been servicing mobile devices for over 30 years including OEM and Aftermarket customers.

We offer a large number of services for all products including Functional Triage, Content and Data Clear, Device Grading, Data Analysis, and Unit Repair.

Whether you are looking to have your phones processed through diagnostics and data cleared to grade for resell or do a partial repair through full refurbishment, we have the people, process, and tools to support your needs.

We service most popular iPhone and Samsung devices across the last 5 to 6 production years.  Depending on our customer needs we can fully refurbish a device or simply restore to a functioning level that best suits their customer’s demands.  PTS provides both hardware and software recovery services.


PCB repair is at the core of our expertise.  We currently service a large number of TV module boards including main boards, power supplies, wireless boards, and t-con components.

We are able to assist your company with special projects that require specialist skills for repairing proprietary PCBs that are either no longer able to be purchased new, have a high replacement cost, or need to be reworked.

PTS is a perfect fit for customers that have out of country production.  Products that are no long able to be produced or too costly to send back to the factory are able to be re-purposed, or recovered, or repaired in the United States, saving logistics cost and reducing turn-around time.

Visit us at to schedule a repair or to buy new stock of many common TV components and accessories.

PTS Electronics is ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001, and R2 Certified.