PTS recognizes the importance of recapturing the value of products created through our customers’ Returns Management Programs.

There are significant challenges for a Company to remarket their returned or excess product and it can create significant cost and lost profits without proper input and coaching from an experienced partner.

Using our network of liquidation channels, we support our customers’ desire to recover value from their products in several ways…

We research marketability
We make recommendations based on:
Possible impacts to the value of their Brand
Influence on their traditional forward sales channels

When you partner with PTS, we leverage our network of experts, which allows you to focus on the forward side of their business! Both PTS-owned store and our eBay presence are used to liquidate high-value products that have re-marketable or re-sellable attributes.

As an alternative to listing directly on PTS listings, we can manage a customer’s store, listing, fulfilling, and following up on customer inquiries and escalations. PTS works with a network of partners that specialize in consumer electronics and are focused on consumer electronics recovery optimization. This allows our customers to resell and remarket in a variety of channels including specialty B2C websites, B2B bulk liquidation auctions, and R2 recyclers that focus on harvesting high-value precious metals and components.

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