SmartTracker History

Business was booming in late 90’s.  Sharply increasing volume and operator headcount created complexities that stressed PTS’ paper-based shop-floor management system to the breaking point, and Uni-track was born.  Uni-track combined our process expertise with digital scalability and opened the door to greater efficiencies and new capabilities.  PTS has continued to invest and mature our new digital tracking system ever since.  Renamed SmartTracker in 2018, we have further modernized the system to manage customer returns and incorporate electronic data integrations.  SmartTracker is always expanding and growing to take on new roles, enabling higher quality service for our customers no matter their need.

SmartTracker Technology

Data Collection

✓ Functional Failures
✓ Parts Attach Rates
✓ Unique ID History
✓ Operator Tracking

Data Sharing

✓ Perfect for Data Analytics
✓ Real Time Reporting
✓ FTP / API Posting
✓ Online Reporting Portal

Data Proofing

✓ Customized Forced Routing
✓ Modular Process Flows
✓ Dependent Pick Lists
✓ BOM Management

Product RMA & Returns Validation

• ASN Data Integration
• Warranty Compliance Tracking
     ✓ Device Condition
     ✓ Return Window
     ✓ Proof of Purchase
• Consolidate Customer Return Details with Depot Findings
• Validation Checkpoints
• Track Performance and Turn Times
• Enforce Safe Handling of Customer Data

Cosmetic Assessment Testing (CATs)

• Simplifies high-rate cosmetic assessment
• Provides routing to quickly evaluate device grades
• Makes subjective evaluation more objective for operator
• Custom “IF / Then” routing based on program, commodity, or device
• Operator Performance Tracking

Inspection & Triage

• Reporting to device level
• Custom routing and testing options based on program, commodity, or device
• Combine cosmetic and functional tests to assign customer SKU and grading
• Product identification and tracking
• Integration available for 3rd party testing and data-clear platforms

Unit Status & Travel History

• Can flag devices in WIP for specific action if aged, auto-change part required, need to hold, etc. even after initial receipt of goods.
• Controlled access for certain operators / operations.
• Time stamp for each systematic interaction.
• Available via Portal and EDI.

Data Insights

The data we collect is powerful and provides insights into your program performance and product conditions.

Most popular reporting:
• Yield Rates
• Reason Codes
• WIP Statuses
• Turn Times
• Shipping
• Parts Usage

All reports are available with multiple attributes:
• Program
• Operator
• Product
• And many more…

Employee Performance Tracking

Tracking Operator UPH and Quality Results are key to customer experience!

SmartTracker data drives:
• Improved TAT
• Higher Yield
• Better Quality
• Process Improvement
• Cost Control
• Operator Incentives

Repair Details

• Data drives process and program improvement for both PTS and our customers
• Routing History
• Quality Rejects
• Parts Usage
• Problem Codes
• Action Codes
• Reclamation Tracking and Recommendations

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