At PTS, we’ve been rethinking the way we present ourselves. To take the company in a new direction, we’ve hired two marketing interns for the summer. Over the course of the next several weeks, our new marketing department will be refreshing our company website, marketing materials, and social media presence.

Mark Foster is a student at Indiana University, majoring in history and computer science. Mark has a background in web design and is an aspiring front-end web developer. He’s looking forward to the opportunity to be working at PTS this summer.

Taylor Zakrzewski is a visual communications major at Ivy Tech Community College pursuing an associate degree. She has experience in a variety of design disciplines and is an aspiring graphic designer. Taylor looks forward to honing her skills while helping rebrand PTS, allowing them to grow as a business.

In order to publicly establish a company culture and more fully develop PTS in the eyes of our customers, our marketing department will be focusing on how PTS presents itself through digital media. This includes website changes, redesigning company marketing materials, and the introduction of social media into the company identity and branding.

Our marketing department is also heavily focused on content design, and is currently reworking existing material and developing new content to reinvigorate the long-standing traditions of an established company like PTS with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

As our intern team makes more progress and changes the direction of the company, keep on the lookout for regular updates and news about PTS.