ERP Implementation Helps PTS Corp Elevate Customer Experience

By Brian Matos | Published On March 24, 2022 | Last Updated On August 18, 2022

How will implementing NetSuite impact PTS Corp’s ability to offer an enhanced experience for customers?

Netsuite is a Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) all-in-one business management solution. ERP is software businesses use to manage their day-to-day operations such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk assessment, compliance, and supply chain. Netsuite provides a centralized platform with which an enterprise can oversee these processes and direct business flow.

With an ERP, organizations can have a sense of ease while operations run smoothly with live insight into operational and financial performance. Netsuite can assist in making thoughtful decisions with tools such as customizable consumer dashboards, reports, and visual analytics. The implementation also saves time by using a single application, automating previously manual processes to manage business operations more simply, and eliminating redundant workflows.

How does implementing Netsuite impact PTS Corp’s ability to elevate customer experience?

Why does it work for our clients?

  • Real-time insight into PTS Corp processes paired with SmartTracker gives clients a better understanding of the processes down to the surface level. Clients will have a better idea of the status of their assets, right down to receipts of finished goods. 
  • Inventory control prevents unnecessary inventory bloat.
  • Improves ability to predict needs at a deeper level
  • Enhanced customer communication, reporting, and overall service level 
  • Tighter financial controls give PTS Corp the ability to run our business more efficiently and lower costs for our clients.
  • Netsuite provides PTS Corp the ability to integrate with a more extensive variety of customer ERPs.

In conclusion, Netsuite provides vast tools and resources to navigate business management within an organization, and PTS Corp plans to leverage this to enhance the client experience. The centralized, streamlined, and intuitive platform will allow PTS Corp to increase efficiency and improve execution, helping reach our customer’s goals.