Infinite Possibilities In the Circular Economy

PTS Electronics Corporation is a Bloomington, Indiana based company specializing in the technology driven aftermarket service and supply chain segment known as reverse logistics. “PTS” serves its customers nationwide in areas such as parts procurement and distribution, repair and refurbishment, de-manufacturing and reclamation, returns management, value recovery, material resource planning, recycling, and other services.  PTS has extensive experience in the appliance, consumer electronics, cable TV electronics, cell phone, and associated industries.

 PTS was founded in the late 1960’s as a service partner to RCA, which at the time was the largest TV manufacturing facility in the world and located in Bloomington Indiana. PTS was acquired in 1984 by Jeff Hamilton and Jack Craig, former PTS executives, and began a period of steady growth in the consumer electronics and related industries. PTS grew to become a national leader of aftermarket services and in 2008 was acquired by ModusLink Global Services, only to be sold back to the former PTS executives in 2017.

PTS Facility: Bloomington, Indiana

Our Location

✓ Corporate Headquarters

✓ Center of Excellence

✓  50 miles South of Indianapolis

✓ 100 miles North of Louisville

✓ Positioned just off I-69 exit

Facility Specs

✓ 160,000 Square Feet

✓ Security and Fire Monitoring

✓ On-site Security

✓ Digital Secured Network

✓ Remote CCTV Monitoring

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