Inspection / Triage

PTS Corp is the Technical Leader in Large-Scale Device Processing, Testing, and Inspection

Device Processing, Testing, & Inspection

We Provide:

Function Testing and Cosmetic Grading to Units based on custom routing and desired data collection points
World-Class Data Clear and Customer Content Removal Tools
Intelligence that helps you improve your strategy and maximize ROI

This service is often described using a variety of terms:

Device Testing, Device Processing, Diagnostics, Triage, Grading, etc.

These are all different ways to describe the value-added service that PTS refers to as Device Inspection and Testing.

PTS Device Inspection Provides a wide range of options and services all driven by systematic routing.

We Provide:

ASN and content validation for inbound shipments, returns, and purchases
Functional testing and triage based on your product’s key and non-key functions
Mobile devices, networking equipment, computing, circuit boards, controllers, and other types of electrical and mechanical devices
Cleaning, cosmetic assessment, and grading based on your company’s specific criteria or standard
We assess all surfaces and apply the grading system based on your specifications
Custom systematic routing based on desired product attributes and assessment results
Route Based On: Downstream demand, condition, part #, color, functional, cosmetic testing results, etc.
The options are endless and so are your choices when it comes time to customize your product’s assessment requirements
Choose from entry-level sorting or get more technical built routing based on inspection results and analytics
Inspection & Triage

We use SmartTracker to manage the process flow. Our Modern Shop Floor System adds the technology-driven tool required to add flexibility, intelligence, and scalability to our service offering.

Mobile Repair & Smart Tracker
We track, measure, and analyze ROI for your devices. This data that helps you improve your strategy and maximize ROI
Leave no money on the table, combine other PTS services to increase yield, recover value from non-functioning or partially working devices, resell in different markets, or recycle at top dollar for salvage value. Protect the investment in your assets and increase profits!

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