PTS Corp has warehouse fulfillment solutions

Preview of warehouse capacity at PTS Corp
Fulfilling both B2B and B2C, our order fulfillment services can support you with fast turnaround times and the ability to staff up quickly. 
We have virtually unlimited capacity and the ability to efficiently store your products and materials so you don't have to worry about the overhead of additional warehouse space.
We strive to ensure that our customers are thrilled with our service by providing technology-driven services to improve your supply chain processes.

Outsourcing products with a 3PL provider is an advantage

The combination of PTS Corp kitting and fulfillment service benefits your business by making the transition convenient and efficient.

Less worry when PTS Corp can store overhead, including JIT Kits established in advance for more efficiency when businesses have overwhelming demand, such as during the Holidays.
Rely on PTS Corp to ensure peak performance without increasing your overhead investment or distracting you from your core competencies.
Feel secure knowing your business is in expert hands.
Preview of the shop floor at PTS Corp

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