Printed Circuit Board Repair

Circuit Board Repair

PTS Corp was originally founded to support the needs of the TV repair market. Over the years we have become experts in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) repairs.

PCBs are currently found in almost anything that has an electrical plug, including:

Flat-screen TVs
A/V equipment
Smart refrigerators
Robotic vacuums
Personal computers
Alarm systems
Marine navigation

PTS Corp has the technical expertise to troubleshoot and perform repairs on virtually any PCB and corresponding sub-components including:

BGA Microprocessors

Our technicians have recently added LED display panel repair to their skill set, with the ability to replace LED pixels as small as 1.25 MM.

Printed Circuit Board Repair

SmartTracker, our proprietary, state-of-the-art shop management system:

Guides our technicians through every step of the repair process
Provides up-to-the-minute visibility into the value recovery operation
Captures defect data critical in securing ODM warranty claims
With our skills, training, tools, and processes, PTS Corp is ideally positioned to be your PCB and LED display panel repair partner.

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