Third-Party Certifications: A Seal of Approval for your 3PL Provider

By Brian Matos | Published On October 27, 2022 | Last Updated On October 27, 2022

What are you looking for in a third-party logistics provider? Choosing which provider is right for your business may be a topic of discussion among stakeholders in your circle, but how are you measuring the ability of potential providers to perform their job properly? 

As we all know, today we live in a consumer-driven world that is moving at speeds never seen before. Businesses are being forced to keep up with demand, and third-party logistics providers are gaining increasing popularity. When it comes to putting the logistics of your business in the hands of another, quality assurance, compliance, sustainability, and safety should be of the utmost importance, and fortunately, third-party certifiers can supply these things to customers. Third-party certifications serve as a seal of approval when choosing your 3PL provider. PTS Corp takes seriously the seal of approval gained from holding third-party certifications, such as R2 2013, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. 

Our Certifications

The R2 2013 Certification ensures that sustainability and preservation of resources are being prioritized in the reuse and recycling of electronics. As electronics are increasingly integrated into nearly every aspect of life, it is our duty to responsibly handle the volume of waste being created, and at PTS Corp we fully embrace R2 best practices and efforts. 

The ISO 9001:2015 Certification ensures that an organization has established a certified quality management system. Certification to ISO 9001 provides confidence in an organization’s ability to understand customer needs, meet regulatory requirements, and consistently monitor, control, and improve all documented processes in the workplace. 

Certification to ISO 14001 ensures that an organization has an environmental management system in place and demonstrates its commitment to managing its environmental responsibilities, contributing to overall sustainability. Environmental performance, fulfillment of compliance, and attaining environmental objectives are just a few of the intended outcomes that a well-integrated environmental management system can lead to. 

The ISO 45001 Certification specifies requirements and provides an organization’s visible commitment to establishing and maintaining an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. Following the guidelines and specifications of the OH&S management system can prevent health and safety risks and work-related injury and improve worker wellness and wellbeing. PTS Corp is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. 

Why Choose a Certified 3PL Provider?

Third-party certifications serve as the perfect seal of approval and visible commitment to specified standards for work. Working with third-party certified providers, like PTS Corp, will give you peace of mind that adherence to industry standards is being prioritized and workplace processes and procedures are being documented and performed properly. PTS Corp takes pride in its good housekeeping practices, and by holding the certifications listed above, we aim to provide our customers with confidence in our ability to perform our duties as their third-party logistics provider. Make sure you are partnering with a third-party logistics provider that prioritizes these industry standards. Contact us today to learn more about our third-party certifications and how they can benefit your business.