Increasing Throughput & Adding Value: A PTS Corp Kitting Case Study

By Brian Matos | Published On November 11, 2022 | Last Updated On November 11, 2022

PTS Corp’s Kitting capabilities are expanding, and our customers are reaping the benefits. After only launching this service earlier this year, we are seeing a steady improvement in efficiencies for our clients.

For every service we offer, we tailor our processes to fit the unique needs of each client and help create solutions for any roadblocks that arise along the way. For our kitting services specifically, our goal is to consistently work with the client to come up with the best solutions to increase throughput and add value. One of our kitting clients initially reached out about our kitting services due to a projected increase in volume for 2022. After realizing our scalability and our ability to effectively take over their in-house processes of kitting their products to ship to multiple retailers and direct to customers, this particular client chose us as their 3PL Kitting partner.

Challenges and Solutions

We have moved through several kitting challenges with this client, such as supply issues, high demand with short timelines, as well as shifting priorities. As we have worked fervently through these challenges, we have come up with several solutions to drastically increase throughput and exceed customer expectations. Some of these solutions included adding overtime hours, opening a new shift, adding a third line, and investing in new equipment. We also worked with the client to suggest some line process optimizations, such as removing unnecessary labels and switching to less SKU specific boxing that would be more common across product runs. We are always sure to remain flexible to accommodate shifting priorities of orders and shipment scheduling, and we maintain a high level of communication to remain in alignment with the production plan and shipping schedule.

Yielded Results

The results yielded for this client speak for themselves and are as follows:

  • May – October:
    • We took a short break between July and September as supply issues resolved. 
    • 300% increase in weekly throughput from May to October.
  • November:
    • Projected 87.5% increase in weekly throughput for the month of November
  • Total gained and projected increase in average weekly throughput of kits (May - November):
    • 650% increase in gained and projected weekly throughput in less than 6 months

After working through several challenges and taking a break from July to September while some supply issues resolved, PTS caught up to and exceeded the client's demand for peak season. The customer can now scale more quickly by relying on PTS Corp’s ability to add more production lines and shifts within a short time frame. During the next phase of this project, PTS will be taking over the shipping logistics for direct-to-retailer and direct-to-customer, allowing the customer to focus on their specialty of developing new products, delivering excellent marketing, and setting up a strong network of distributors for its customer demand.

PTS Corp Can Increase Throughput and Add Value as Your Kitting Partner

Our ongoing commitment to improvement and our ability to assist each client with moving through and creating solutions for challenges are two key components that make us an ideal 3PL Kitting partner. Not only do we have the resources and expertise to handle the complex logistics involved with running kitting production and shipment for order fulfillment, but we also have the scalability to keep up with increasing demand. This allows our customers to focus on the core parts of their business. Learn more about our kitting services here or contact us to start a conversation about how we can assist you with your kitting needs.