PTS Corp: Company Culture Made and Molded by History

By Brian Matos | Published On November 29, 2022 | Last Updated On November 30, 2022

Looking back through PTS history, it is evident that passion, perseverance, integrity, and transparency were among the pillars that made up the firm business foundation we stand on today. These characteristics helped to foster the service-oriented culture we are very proud of at PTS Corp.

PTS Corp, previously PTS Electronics, Inc was founded in 1967 by Roland and Rosie Nobis, who were immigrants from Nuremberg, Germany. Roland, a restless, young, engineering school graduate spent four years with Grundig, which was the largest manufacturer of TV sets in Europe at the time. The 22-year-old let curiosity and adventure get the best of him and arrived in the United States on September 13, 1962. Rosie would arrive shortly thereafter. Once they would both land in Bloomington, IN they would wed, and just three short years later the PTS story would officially begin. 

Rono-Tuner, the forerunner of PTS, was born in the garage of the Nobis residence in 1965. Roland and Rosie wore many hats to make their business a success. Roland was the salesman and technician, and Rosie was the bookkeeper, shipping clerk, and secretary. Together, the pair would turn their garage operation into a major tuner repair service, and PTS Electronics, Inc would be born. Overcoming a language barrier exemplified Mr. Nobis' perseverance skills as he sought after success in a new country. He had a vision and made sure to bring that vision to fruition as PTS became the world’s largest tuner service in less than a decade.

In its early days, PTS was a service partner to RCA, the largest TV manufacturing facility in the world at the time. RCA was also located in Bloomington, IN. In 1984, former PTS executives, Jeff Hamilton and Jack Craig, acquired PTS. Shortly after this change of ownership, the company entered into new areas of expansion and development. These areas included the sale and distribution of passive electronic devices, the repair of VCRs, as well as the sale, repair, and distribution of an earth station satellite receiving system (Celestar). 

In the early 1990’s the entire cable industry experienced a low period as pending government regulation came into play. Expansion was questionable, as government bodies would be calling the shots on how much TV companies could charge for their services. As the electronics and digital landscape was changing, PTS also evolved its service offerings and business model. New issues would move into awareness, such as high-definition TV (HDTV), impulse pay per view (IPPV), cable ready TV, head end automation, consumer interface, electronic home integration and voice recognition, and much more. 

As time passed, the company steadily grew in the consumer electronics and related industries and become a national leader in aftermarket services. Fast forward to 2008 and PTS was acquired by Modus Link Global Services, only to be sold back to the former PTS executives in 2017. PTS, in its current day, specializes in aftermarket services, also known as reverse logistics. We have proven expertise in supply chain solutions across many product categories, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop & laptop computers, smart watches, set top boxes, and home security components. 

The PTS story goes way back. With more than 50 years of industry experience providing a wide range of services for electronic devices and their components, we’d love to put our experience and commitment to the test for you. Our customer obsession and service-oriented culture are the driving forces behind what we do. Will you be the next piece of the PTS story? Learn more about PTS Corp here, or contact us today to start a conversation.