2022 Recap

By Brian Matos | Published On January 19, 2023 | Last Updated On January 19, 2023

As we launch into 2023, let’s take quick look at some of the highlights from 2022. The past year was certainly a year of growth for PTS Corp, and we can’t thank our partners enough for entrusting us with their 3PL needs over the past 12 months.

Company Growth

2022 has been a big year for PTS Corp. We have aggressively been expanding our forward and reverse service offerings and enjoying growth exceeding 30% year over year. 2022 was no different. Through these efforts over the past year, we’ve seen growth within our existing customer base as well as new partnerships, including support of the DIY Home Security and Emergency Preparedness segments.

New Services

PTS CORP launched several new services in 2022, including Buffing and Polishing services for mobile phones and watches, Direct to Retail Fulfillment, as well as Kitting and Product Assembly. Our cosmetic refurbishment and polishing services add substantial value to our customers’ products, increasing the average sales price and marketability of our customers’ devices. The Kitting and Direct to Retail fulfillment services provide an opportunity for our customers to focus on their core competencies while leaning on PTS to manage the details around JIT (Just-in-time) or BTS (Build-to-stock) inventory levels as well as the growing complexities around retailer routing guides and custom label requirements. 

Events Attended

The PTS team attended several events in 2022, including the Mobile Disrupt Expo, the Reverse Logistics Expo, the Consumer Returns Expo, and the Gadget Repair Expo. We continue to add to our network of industry contacts and create valuable relationships from these events.  We look forward to returning to these events in the future and adding to our list of PTS friends and connections.

A Brief Look Ahead

As we transition into the new year, there are many things in the works for 2023. While we continue to work through our plans to expand our footprint, we’re also working through our integration of a new ERP system, providing a platform for increased efficiencies and creative customer solutions. We’d like to extend appreciation to our customers and affiliates, while extending special thanks to the talented PTS team that makes it all happen every day, and we look forward to another great year ahead!