Deeper Look into Repair as a Service

By Brian Matos | Published On June 1, 2022 | Last Updated On August 18, 2022

PTS Corp is partnering with PrologMobile, a leading data, and analytics company, to offer automated Repair as a Service (RaaS).

RaaS allows customers to receive on-the-fly diagnostic analysis and subsequent repairs of IMEI-based devices in a timely, organized manner. Through this solution (among many others), PrologMobile provides users with an easier way to analyze, price, and resell devices.

This unique service supplies real-time evaluations of dozens of Apple and Samsung mobile phones through diagnostic software. The database stores current values to indicate the economic benefits of repairs, providing transparency and promoting data-driven decisions. A predetermined price lets users make a thought-out decision for their trade-ins, giving them the ability to prioritize repairs and plan effectively. 

RaaS benefits businesses by transitioning from wholesale to repairing devices to maximize per-device values. This partnership also provides flexibility with OEM and non-OEM compatibility while including a lower-cost repair route. Additionally, restoring appliances can reduce your business's carbon footprint by returning them to the marketplace instead of disposing of items, impacting our environment. 

By considering PTS Corp and PrologMobile for your RaaS needs, you can look forward to the comfort of having the hard work done for you and receiving capital in the process. 

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