Why Choose PTS Corp for Device Repair and Refurbishment?

By Brian Matos | Published On April 29, 2022 | Last Updated On August 18, 2022

Electronic devices are an essential asset for any business, and repairing them for resale can be inconvenient and expensive. However, PTS Corp's technicians can significantly reduce the cost and lost productivity by using the right tools and advanced technology to diagnose and repair a wide range of electronic devices.

We repair Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) using a Metal Ball Grid Array (BGA) Machine. The machine can improve PCBs and BGA Chips. Both are the heart of most electronic components, and it's important to note we can repair parts as small as 1.25 millimeters across.

For home security devices, we use proprietary software to diagnose defects, update firmware and reset devices to factory specs. 

For Macs, Macbooks, iPads, and SmartWatches, we offer the best support with third-party software from our partnered vendors, Blancco, Black Belt, White Canyon, and MCE. These tools allow us to test, diagnose, data wipe, and restore devices to factory reset conditions with the latest operating system. 

Beyond the devices listed above, PTS Corp. provides repair and refurbishment services on a broad spectrum of other products. These include (but are not limited to) digital multi-meters, hand-held oscilloscopes, android mobile devices, and servers. 

All PTS Corp processes maximize efficiency throughout and yield while amortizing the cost of all these tools across multiple devices to minimize the financial impact of our state-of-the-art tech.

Learn more about working with our skilled technicians by contacting us for your diagnosis and repair of electronics with PTS Corp.