At PTS Corp, we are thrilled to unveil our latest offering! Introducing the Buff & Polish service, a game-changer in the mobile device marketplace. PTS Corp is a trusted third-party logistics provider committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the value of our clients' assets. With our eight state-of-the-art Refox Buffing Machines, we can ensure the best possible polish on all your devices and screens.

The Buff & Polish service is designed to breathe new life into devices. As a result, we are able to frequently elevate them from a "C" grade to an "A" grade, or transforming "used" equipment into a "like new" state. Subsequently this translates to a remarkable 40-50% increase in the overall value of the devices.

Likewise our meticulous buffing process is executed with precision, ensuring that each device undergoes a comprehensive rejuvenation. All devices begin the buff and polish process by being made fully waterproof, protecting the integrity of the interior. This is accomplished by placing each device within a device-specific receptacle before resin is piped around the edge and cured.

Why partner with PTS for our Buff and Polish Services?

In an industry where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, our Buff & Polish service stands out as a strategic solution to maximize the value of your assets. Therefore with an average turnaround time of seven days and a nominal service charge, we can generate significant ROI for your organization.

Above all, as we continue to evolve in the dynamic 3PL landscape, PTS Corp remains at the forefront. Our team is setting new standards and redefining excellence in third-party logistics services. As a thank you to our returning customers and an invitation to our new customers, we are offering a special pilot program to introduce this new branch of services. So for a limited time, get your first 20 devices buffed and polished at no charge!

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