R2 certification, short for Responsible Recycling, is a globally recognized standard for electronics recycling and refurbishment. To become R2 certified, organizations must undergo a rigorous auditing process conducted by accredited certifying bodies. This process involves demonstrating compliance with a set of stringent requirements encompassing environmental, health and safety, quality, and data security standards. Organizations must implement robust management systems, adhere to strict operational protocols, and undergo regular audits to maintain R2 certification.

At PTS Corp, we understand the intrinsic value of R2 certification. It plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability within the dynamic realm of reverse logistics. Far from being a restrictive measure, R2 serves as a roadmap, guiding us toward responsible and sustainable management of used electronics.

R2 certification: Why does it matter?

Encompassing environmental, health and safety, quality, and data security standards, R2 certification exemplifies our commitment to sustainable practices. By adhering to these standards, we not only contribute to a healthier environment, but also uphold the highest industry standards. This reinforces our dedication to responsible electronics management at every stage of their lifecycle.

In today's interconnected world, electronics have woven into the fabric of our daily lives. At PTS Corp, we recognize the profound impact these devices have on our world, accompanied by the surge in electronic waste generated as we constantly upgrade and replace our gadgets. The staggering volume of e-waste poses a significant challenge for responsible disposal. Beyond the traditional end-of-life perspective, it's imperative to consider the entire lifecycle of electronic devices.

Markedly, our commitment to this holistic approach makes PTS Corp an ideal partner for anyone seeking a third-party logistics provider. By receiving the R2 certification and integrating sustainable recycling practices into our systems, we have positioned ourselves as a conscientious partner in navigating the complexities of responsible electronics management.

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